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While in Egypt, we discovered the true essence of our journey. Of course, this was purely volunteer work and no animals were injured in the filming.

The Gimbie Adventist Hospital in West Wollega, Ethiopia has a Childrens Medical Fund designed to provide health care for children under the age of 18 whose families cannot afford it on their own.

While Darlene treated patients at the Adventist Hospital in Gimbie, Ethiopia I followed the progress of the Podoconiosis treatments which the hospital was sponsoring. This is a promotional video for their cause.

While working at the Adventist Hospital in Gimbie, Ethiopia I met a number of HIV+ street children. Together with members of the Barlow family, such as Stephanie and Dinqee, the little girl in the video, they painted that mural in the entrance of the hospital. Dinqee, thankfully, is not HIV+. Quite to the contrary, she is a healthy bundle of love.

Tess gets her groove on in Egypt, it’s a one girl revolution…

This happens everywhere we go. If these two ladies slow down even for a minute, the cell phone cameras and smiling faces teem and swarm. But it’s really very nice.

Mount Meru is just shy of fifteen thousand feet. On the way up, one acclimatizes on little Meru, a side peak around the order of twelve thousand feet. Always good to get a little high elevation cardio workout before the big climb.

A fundraiser video for Foundation of African Medication and Education based in Karatu, Tanzania. We spent several wonderful months capturing video and interviews with the staff and patients of FAME.

Darlene demonstrates just how well she’s got her groove on in Tafroute, Morocco.

Darlin’ demonstrates her technique as an outreach coordinator for children in the Kondoa District of Tanzania.

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  • July 9th, 2010 by Anonymous

    Darlene, I have so enjoyed watching these video’s. Can’t wait to see you in person… i just want to say thank you for showing your love and affection of some of the american people. Tess looks great. Love’d watching you guys get your groove on.

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