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A Sunrise over River Ganges

May 7th, 2008 by · No Comments · Asia, India

Sunrise on the the River Ganges, a romantic wooden boat ride with bamboo oars awaits at the dockless Ghats, 325 now vacant palaces built by kings with narrows stairs descending to the river. Never mind the occasional dead body or cow floating by, as this is the pilgrimage taken by most Hindus. Ceremonial crematoriums line the river, sending smoke signals to the destroyer god Shiva. After a river washing the blazing wood catches the golden wrapped body, 4 hours later the remains are set afloat.
Children under 5, death by snake bites or small pocks, eunuchs and priests I have learned are not allowed to burn.
Rowing down river, the Ghats are filled with morning rituals of bathing, washing, singing, yogi and fishing. Swimmers maneuver around bodies, boat paddles and floating offerings of banana leaf candles wreathed in marigolds.
It is said for clarity, one should dunk in these waters, but I am unable to persuade myself.

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