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Completely Unprepared

May 9th, 2008 by · No Comments · Asia, Nepal

Compared to India, Kathmandu is almost a cheat. Crossing the street is almost easy. There are a couple stop lights, the occasional sidewalk, and not a single sign of livestock. Thats not to say you couldn’t get yourself killed, but with no cow patties to hop, no hagglers to dodge, and temperatures back in the pleasant range, a lot of the challenges have been removed.

Regardless, today was a bit exhausting as we whipped around town in cabs and on foot, following Perwa Sherpa as we raced along to finalize permits and tickets, secure the last minute cold weather gear, and gather with the mountaineers around a map.

Tomorrow is the twelfth anniversary of Jon Krakauer’s summit in the book, Into Thin Air. We’ve got the book and a six a.m. Yeti Airlines flight into the Everest region.

We ain’t comin’ out for twelve days.

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