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September 8th, 2009 by · No Comments · Africa, Morocco

A crescent lagoon nestled down the valley of Oualidia turned into an unexpected peaceful coastal town of maybe 4000. An early morning fishing spectacle- blue wooden boats cresting the swells, fisherman, hand over hand, pulling in a catch of crab and lobster, and surfers straddling boards,waiting for the big one.

At times we are sleeping on floored mattresses, having cold showers every third day and skipping meals; however, our new oasis is far from squalor.

Being off season, we were approached immediately by Ahmead in his polyester running suit and asics shoes, he governs pensions for wealthy owners and offered his best apartment for an unbelievable fare. We couldn’t resist and we couldn’t leave.. We stayed basking in the amenities, 3 terraced pools and free wifi.

Jay contracted some work, I built Ahmead a website

Go figure…

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