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Chez Amy

October 10th, 2009 by · 1 Comment · Africa, Morocco

A and JChez Amy, our home away from home, our Casablanca Command Center, checking in between every significant excursion. You wont find this one in the Lonely Planet.

Just a block from the Maarif Mosque and market, this is the cleanest place in all of Morocco and the best place to find wine, popcorn, bookshelves, internet and an ex-pat community well steeped in Moroccan culture and history.chezamy-

It’s a pleasure to stay in her world, a teacher at the American School in Casablanca, her stories of the Moroccan Elite delight hysterically. Many thanks to her and Younes and their open hearts.

One Comment

  • October 29th, 2009 by gerard

    i stayed at chez amy a couple of years ago when it was first getting started. the light in the afternoon was amazing. we shopped for vegetables and spices at the open market down past the mosque and made some terrific tagines, drank as much wine as possible and had a blast. great view from the lanai of kids playing soccer in the street. i remember waking up early in the morning as the call to prayer was blaring….watched devout men in jelabas shuffling to mosque….this place won’t last forever–visit soon before it moves to a completely different part of the world

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