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Kendwa Rocks

November 25th, 2009 by · 5 Comments · Africa, Tanzania

man with fishHeeding the advice of fellow travelers, we take a bus to the North of Zanzibar, seeking tranquil beaches and unrelenting sunshine. Kendwa Rocks becomes our new home.boy with pole

The ocean beautiful, covered in fine white sand, sea shades of light green to dark blues disappear behind the horizon.

A boy standing in his dugout canoes drudges the shallow waters with his wooden pole. Fishing boats sail by, shoring long enough to pass on the days catch. Boys flock to the boat, hauling out King fish, trout and barracuda, selling them to hotel kitchens.

Tourism brought electricity to Kendwa village in 1996, once a little known camping spot with the best beaches on the island, now shrubs have been cleared, palms replanted and resorts built.


The cheapest room in this resort village is our room, a rickety two story fort built upon wood stilts, dried palm leaves and wire mesh piece our banda together. Finally we are able to lie on the beach, book in hand and listen to the gentle surf lap the ancient boats. For four days, we do nothing more than watch the sky change colors over head and cool off in the buoyant salt water.

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  • January 1st, 2010 by Tracy Limbeck

    Darlene, i absolutely love the way you write life that happens daily. It’s such an inspiration to me. Happy New Year to you and those you love. Be blessed!

  • December 5th, 2009 by Mary Spear

    Darlene, so glad I finally caught up with you. It’s like reading a Natl Geographic only much better. Take care, stay safe and enjoy every second. Can’t wait for the next chapter. mary

  • December 2nd, 2009 by Bernie

    Happy belated turkey day. Looks like you guys are having fun. Let me know when your stopping through NJ

  • December 1st, 2009 by David Boardman

    Happy Birthday Nastansky! Warm apple cider and cheese fondue at Gustav’s is just not the same without you.

  • November 29th, 2009 by mom

    Happy Thanksgiving you guys. the pictures are just getting better.

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