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Jay Wright
A simple boy with simple needs, happy with his view of the world.

Back in the Classroom

November 23rd, 2009 by Jay Wright · 1 Comment · Africa, Tanzania

I have always been an impatient, fidgety student with daydreams unconducive to the classroom, yet here I sit, in the classroom. Swahili holds greetings in high esteem and as we sit in the children’s chairs in this one room schoolroom, our teacher, Mwana, fires greeting after greeting at us so we fluidly respond and return […]

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Swahili Time

November 17th, 2009 by Jay Wright · No Comments · Africa, Tanzania

We spent two months in Morocco and never found a single working clock. Everything operated Insah’Allah. On the equator, Tanzania receives twelve hours of sunlight year round and the swahili clock was developed to measure the hours from sunrise to sunset, then sunset to sunrise. Hour one each morning is one hour after sunrise. The […]

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A Bientot, James Claxton

November 9th, 2009 by Jay Wright · 1 Comment · Europe, France

There are over fifty countries in Africa and we know for a fact that one of them doesn’t want us. But there’s fifty more to choose from and a one week respite in Paris seems the perfect segue from Morocco to, ah, whichever country lets us in. So all along the Seine, we fancied ourselves […]

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Slow and Silly

October 27th, 2009 by Jay Wright · 1 Comment · Africa, Morocco

Chefchaouen’s old medina is painted top to bottom in blue and white and rests on the slopes of the Rif mountains. If you hike thru them you’ll find monkeys in the summit forest and a funny thin leaved plant tucked between the rows of tomatoes and peppers and as a result, the entire city is […]

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WrightCode, Inc, Fez, Morocco

October 23rd, 2009 by Jay Wright · 1 Comment · Africa, Morocco

At four a.m. I awoke with a start. The call to prayer blared thru the tinny loudspeaker on the minaret by our rooftop accommodation and the light was on in our room. It was so bright I thought it was the sun. In the center of the room, Darlene was standing on the bed furious […]

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